When a man does not know himself, who he is suppose to be and what his purpose in life is, such a man can be said to be missing in the field of life. He may be alive, going to work, traveling up and down, going to church, etc and yet be missing in the plan of God.

TEXT:1 Samuel 9: 14 – 17

So many youth have this general thought that when they get good job, a good wife, some good connections, their lives will begin to take good shape. To them these are the things missing in their lives so they start seeking for good jobs, connections, a good wife, etc.

In the aforementioned bible text, Saul was looking for his father’s missing asses (donkies) but he never knew that he was actually the one missing in God’s plan not until he met prophet Samuel. The destiny of Saul was for him to become a king instead he was looking for missing donkies.

So many people are looking for different things in life instead of seeking God to know His plan for their lives. Some are looking for how they can please men, some others are only concern with what they will eat, drink and put on.

Do you know that the missing donkies were already found and kept (1 Samuel 9:20). From my personal experience, I have come to realize that whatever you are looking for in life is not actually missing, they are only kept somewhere out of public reach and are yet to be discovered. You can’t find them on your own just like Saul. It was prophet Samuel that helped Saul locate the missing donkies. God knows where every good thing in life is (James 1:17), let Him help you.

Your purpose in life is more than food, money, clothes, houses, cars, pleasure, etc. God has already provided and kept all these things for you (1 Samuel 9: 24). The most important thing in life which everyone must individually find is God’s plan for their lives and not what will perish with time.

The process of finding yourself in the field of life i.e your place in God’s plan begins with a change of heart and way of life. You can’t continue with your present state of heart and lifestyle and discover God’s plan for your life.

Ask God to give you a new heart today, a heart that loves Him and wants to please Him. With this new heart and life that pleases Him, you will discover His plan for your life and everything He has said concerning you will come to pass (1 Samuel 10: 9)

Saul later became the first king of Israel because he was able to discover his place in God’s plan. He was no longer missing in the field of life. You can become all that God wants you to be, don’t remain a missing man. Find your place in God because everything you need has already been provided and kept for you.