What Is Your Priority?

Relationships is something that is rampant these days, most people venture into it without having a reason why…or they think they have a reason. Because they love, they trust the person, but later find out they are left heartbroken. The one they once trusted betrayed their trust.

Having misplaced priority, opportunity and identity in life leaves a person aimless, without direction or a sense of living. What are you meant to be focused on? Who are you meant to be focused on? Have you identified who you are? Are you a Believer or an Unbeliever? (There are no two ways to go about it so please don’t deceive yourself. Even if you deceive everyone know you can’t deceive God, He knows His own so don’t waste your time.)

I’ll tell you about a man we are familiar with, a man we’ve heard of and that’s Jesus Christ.

Jesus was in a relationship with Judas Iscariot and yet Judas betrayed him. For three and a half years; he ate with Jesus, walked with Jesus, they sat and chatted, they shared things together, the other disciples even trusted Judas Iscariot. Moreover he was their treasurer, so how couldn’t the other disciples trust the person in charge of their money.
Judas was known as Jesus disciple, from afar he seemed honest, trustworthy, decent in character but it was all but a facade, a show. 

Unmistakably Judas was thought to be decent. The height of been stable on the outside but different from within. It is not what you see on the outward that sometimes reflects on the inward. The Bible says the heart of man is desperately wicked who can know it.

We are looking at how a friend, a roommate, a colleague, a life partner would betray each other. People you once shared your problems with, people you once ate and dinned with only for them to break your heart or betray your trust.

Jesus Christ was betrayed by that fellow. If Jesus could be betrayed how much more You?
You’ll say Judas was fulfilling the Scripture, you’ll say Jesus knew who would betray him. After all he is Christ, he is the son of God.

Judas suffered from what is called Misplaced Identify. He couldn’t understand what he was doing with Jesus or why Jesus had chosen him. He didn’t have a sense of who Jesus was. He knew he was a thief he knew he couldn’t lie to himself. But he wondered why a noble man would pick him. Judas suffered from a misplaced Identity and it was a tragedy for him.

Most people come to church with a Misplaced Identify, most people come to church saying they reverence God but actually treat Him as their mates. They come to church and raise holy hands and everyone sees the outward no one knows the inward, their inner contents or inner hearts. The most sincere person you can be sincere to is God.

You meet a fellow who says he’s a Christian but yet asks for things that are wrong, things that would only give you pleasure. Not everyone that goes to church has the Christ like attitude in them. Judas was acting like a Christian without the mind of Christ. There are people who are a lot like Judas and if you are one of them I’ll advise you to get Salvation. Until you get to the point of denial, the point of paying the price then you don’t have the mind of Christ yet. Until you become selfless to sin.

Misplaced Priority was also what Judas suffered from and it was a terrible tragedy. Judas sold Jesus as a slave, he didn’t see Jesus as his master, he saw Jesus as someone with no reverence or importance.

Judas didn’t pay the price but received a prize for Jesus, he called Jesus master at the point of betrayal. Which was Ironic because you don’t call someone master and then kiss them on the cheeks. Slaves or subordinates kiss their masters on the feet or fingers, equals kiss the cheeks of each other as a sign of greeting. Which means Judas saw Jesus as an equal.

Even Jesus humbled Himself by washing the feet of his disciples. Judas saw Jesus as his mate, he called Him master three times at the point of betrayal.
Listen, not everyone in your life that calls you sweet names really means it or loves you from the depth of their hearts. Judas reduced Jesus to been a close mate to him, he couldn’t pay the prize, he couldn’t sacrifice his all for Jesus Christ, he couldn’t keep Jesus secrets.

It is not everyone that makes your secret secretive, they are keeping the secret for you alright; as you are telling them they are holding it but revealing it other people. He sold his master for the exact price of a slave. Most people don’t acknowledge God anymore they see him as their mate.

Except you are Jesus you won’t know who will break your heart. When they say  choose a partner they are asking you to pray. Jesus knew, you cannot know. Misplaced Priority, at this time of your life are you supposed to be thinking about relationships, school, marriage etc. Judas had a Misplaced Priority he was thinking of making money by selling Jesus cheaply without thinking of the future.

Jesus was kissed and sold as a slave by someone he was in a relationship with for three and a half years. Jesus allowed a thief in His midst for the Scripture to be fulfilled, no one is fulfilling any Scripture in your life. Don’t be left heartbroken, don’t waste time or money on people who won’t spend their lives with you. Don’t live in the tragedy of Misplaced Identity, Priority or Opportunity.

In Life and in everything you do, you must stabilize your relationship with God and man. But with God First.

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