Humanly speaking, there isn’t anyone who wouldn’t want to be great. Everybody everywhere wants to attain ‘greatness’, but only a few people actually becomes great in life. The desire to be great comes from a great mind. Most times the people who turn out great didn’t perceive themselves as such but it takes the mind set of a man to determine his greatness. Through the Scriptures we see different prophets who thought God must have made a mistake in choosing them, except God doesn’t make mistakes. The likes of Jeremiah (Jeremiah 1:4-6), Moses (Exodus 4:10) and so many others. Before God can use a vessel the way He had planned, He needs to put them through the Process.

Can one ever be ready for greatness?

Greatness doesn’t just knock at our door and we welcome it unexpectedly, for greatness to be achieved Preparation has to be in place. Favor is when Preparation meets Opportunity. The act of preparation is called the Process. A Process means a pathway to our Destiny or Destination.

Biblical speaking, we can boldly say our Lord Jesus Christ was a celebrity during his reign on earth, almost everyone wanted to know him, almost everyone wanted to be associated with Him but there was a period in His life He was only known by his family and probably intimate friends.

Jesus knowing who He was and what He was sent to do, still told His earthly mother ‘My time has not yet come’ (John 2:3-4) this indirectly tells us that there’s a ‘time’ also for greatness.

In other to be great in life, understanding time and seasons and determination of going through the ‘process’ which is the preparation for greatness must be key. Before Jesus’ ministry, the bible told us how Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, equipping himself with knowledge by dwelling in the temple and studying the scrolls, at some point He was even in the desert for forty days and forty nights fasting, preparing for what was ahead.

Greatness met Jesus although He was not ready because His time hadn’t come but He was prepared for it. Jesus was willing to go through the process, the process of allowing the Holy Spirit work tremendously on Him. The same goes for Apostle Paul and the other apostles and prophets used by God, they all went through the process and they didn’t go alone, the went through the process with the Holy Spirit, consequently, He is the one that does the ‘workings’ on us.

Before a tree is full grown to blossom in it’s full beauty where it’s fruits would be visible and edible for all to see, a seed must first be planted. The seed dies within the soil and during that process a lot of unseen activities takes place. No one likes a seed while it’s still in that nature but ‘give it time’ and it becomes a beauty. That is how greatness is achieved.

We should not forget God will not foster our plan if it’s not in the right purpose as God. We can achieve greatness without God notwithstanding as long as we go through the Process because of how faithful God is, allowing rain to fall both on the godly and the wicked. Nevertheless, in our world and society today there are thousands of people who the world tag as an epitome of greatness, based on their works that is what they’ve done for humanity or what they are currently doing it all depends, except as a Christian, we are to walk in accordance to God’s purpose for our lives and fulfill destiny because we understand that our Creator has a plan for every of His Creatures and that must be our driving force; to fulfill purpose.

Our desire to achieve greatness must be to glorify God and to advance the Kingdom one way or the other. God desires to work in the lives of His children in other for them to be prepared for His will and purpose, it is how much we yield to His working that determines how far we’ll go with Him. Apostle Paul, John the Baptist and other prophets who were used one way or the other in the Bible all went through the Process and with time began to fulfill destiny. The Process shapes us, molds us and forms us. In the process we get to understand the mind of our Creator, in the process God tilts us towards His desired will for us. The Process is where we are tried and tested by God (Proverbs 17:3). The favor of God can never replace the Process. We must go through the Process because it takes time for true success to manifest. A Process tests our loyalty and commitment in fulfilling our destiny, anything we are not loyal to and committed to we will never get it at the end; Jesus Christ was committed to the work of His Father even till death and He received the glory at the end. Process builds patience, we are taught patience experientially.

Just like ever other great man or woman in the Bible, in other to achieve greatness we must first be determined. Be determined to know our Creator because only then will we know we are in line with His Purpose for our lives and only then will we find fulfillment. In other to be great, we must loose something (Luke 14:33). Apostle Paul dropped his reputation for God, Peter left his passion for fishing, Daniel left his family, John the Baptist started his journey with no friends, Job lost everything he had, Abraham almost sacrificed his son (he was tested) and the list goes on and on. We are to look beyond obstacles and barriers if we really want to achieve greatness with God and walk in Purpose. We must be willing to burn the bridge behind us and look ahead with hope in God ( Luke 9:62). Process separates great people from ordinary men.