The Bible speaks about God’s love and kindness but also speaks of His Justice. For those who do not care about the things of God, the Bible states:
Since they don’t want anything to do with God, they will have their request granted for all eternity. (Romans 1:28)

While on earth, there is still a decision to be made. It is possible to believe there is no life after death or not to believe in either heaven or hell or in God’s judgment. Some simply think ‘Well who really knows? I’ll just find out when I get there.’ And decide to live life because the world says ‘We only live once’ but do we really do?

Wouldn’t that be ill considered? Are you willing to risk much on just your opinion; for something of such importance as your own eternity?

Let’s take a look at this illustration for a moment. I invite you over to my house and tell you ‘No matter the route you take just get to ketu. Only keke napep (tricycle) is allowed inside my estate. Everyone that must come into my estate irrespective of the cars you have, you’ll have to drop and board a keke, so if you really want to see me that’s the only way.’ But you decide, “No I’ll get to Ojota and drive my way through, I’m sure I’ll be able to get to her house.”

Did I give you a precise direction to my house yes, did you follow it? No.

It was a choice you decided to make but that doesn’t mean you’ll make it to my house. Likewise we can’t deny the Way on earth and expect to still arrive at the same destination.

God is kind and everything we have that is good is all from Him (Psalm 25:8, James 1:7). His desire is to see every person saved (Acts 2:21).

So why do people resist such a kind and loving God?

What could the problem be?