The decision to sit on the fence and not make a decision to accept or reject Jesus Christ by been neutral is already a road that leads to destruction.

A lack of decision is in fact a decision.

Been neutral would not make heaven anyone’s destination, thinking or hoping to make heaven by been ‘good’ on earth doesn’t guarantee our destination should be heaven.

We are on our way to hell until we choose ‘life’ until we choose to follow Jesus Christ. It is only then we get off that road.

In other words, there is no ‘fence’ position. Hell by default is a result of no choice. The lack of a decision or no decision in regards to our souls will result in an eternity of regret. (Matthew 12:30) Jesus said we are either with Him or against Him, it couldn’t have been clearer than that. It is so important to make a decision while we have the chance.

As eternal beings our souls will live forever in either heaven or hell. There is no other place that exists for the soul to go.

Many live their entire lives wanting nothing to do with God. They don’t acknowledge that Jesus is God, they don’t bother to create a relationship with Him, they don’t bother to study His Word and live by His precepts, and they don’t bother to reverence Him all through their lives neither do they bother with His will and His purpose for them. They move around doing their own will, following their own desires and pleasures. Some think they are ‘good’ base on man’s standard where in actual sense God is the standard for anything considered good. Yet they believe they are going to heaven when they die.

Why would they want to live with Him for an eternity when they didn’t want to associate or spend time with Him on earth?