The words of king Lemuel; the Oracle which his mother taught him.
“Oh, my son! Oh son of my womb! Oh son of my vows!
Don’t give YOUR STRENGTH to WOMEN, nor YOUR WAY to that which DESTROY Kings. It is not for kings, Lemuel; it is not for kings to drink wine; Nor for princes to say, where is strong drink?” Proverbs 31:1-4

The greatest tragedy in life is not death but ignorance. Ignorance of what? Ignorance of who you are. Ignorance is so costly that the Almighty God said in His word “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” (Hosea 4:6). When you don’t know who you are, you will inevitably be working at cross purposes with your Maker, doing things that you shouldn’t do, going to places that you should not go and hanging out with people you should keep at arm’s length. Living up to God’s expectation for your life remains a far cry from reality when you are in the dark about who you are.

King Lemuel was told by his mother who he was-a king- and what he should say no to by reason of who he was. His mother knew who he was and the things which are detrimental to his destiny just as Samson’s mother knew who he was and the things which are injurious to his destiny (Judges 13:1-13).
His mother was trying to let him realize things kings don’t toy with because of their implications. She told him things that could nip his dreams in the bud.
Knowing what to SAY NO to and what to SAY YES to is HALF THE BATTLE as far as fulfilling your destiny is concern. There are things to run away from and there are things to run after in life. Many are running after what will endanger their future and running away from what will secure it. Proverbs 7 contains the account of a young man who ran after what eventually endangered his life. Unfortunately, most of today’s youth answer to the description of the young man of proverbs 7- A YOUNG MAN VOID OF UNDERSTANDING (verse 7). His lack of understanding set the stage for the SLIPPERY SLOPE towards his destruction.
Paul told Timothy, “Flee also youthful lust and pursue after righteousness…” (2 Timothy 2:22). Timothy, though a godly young man, was told to run away from THINGS young people easily GRAVITATE towards- YOUTHFUL LUSTS- things that can lay the foundation for misery and sorrow in later life, take the gilt off the gingerbread of their destiny, cast a shadow on the second half of their lives, preclude the possibility of experiencing the fullness of God’s plan for their lives and clip the wings of their destiny etc. The things we are to run away from have the potential to hurt our future and detract from the beauty of our lives. They can prevent us from going the full distance in life as far as God’s purpose is concerned. Samson gravitated towards things that his destiny did not accommodate. Consequently, he bowed out of the theatrical stage of life prematurely. When you know where you are going to in life, you will know what to run away from. There are things KINGS, PRINCES AND PRINCESSES don’t do. I can tell by how you live your life whether you know who you are or not. The kind of company you keep speaks volume about you.

Lemuel was told what kings don’t do. Kings don’t unleash their sexual energy any how. Kings don’t embark on a journey of sexual adventure. Kings don’t experiment with sex. Why? Because the PRICE TAG IS HIGH- it has destroyed and is still destroying kings. Kings are not revellers. Kings don’t engage in bacchanalian orgy. Kings don’t goof around and go on drinking spree. Kings keep their distance from women who BARE THEIR SKIN because they are BOOBY TRAP. Kings don’t go about reducing the number of virgins in the land and breaking women’s heart. Kings know what is beneath their dignity. There are places where you don’t find kings. You don’t find kings at night clubs and disco halls. Who do we find in such places? People who don’t know who they are and where they are going. Jesus was found in the temple at age 12 when his parents were looking for him and he made them realize that they shouldn’t have bothered looking for him as he wouldn’t have been in any place other than his father’s house (Luke 2:43-49). Reason? He knew who he was. Where will your parent find you should they be looking for you? At the back seat of a car with your lover exploring each other’s body? At scenes of EPICUREAN EXCESSES- nightclubs, disco party, boxers and bikini’s party? On the lap of Delilah?

Credit: Ibrahim Taiwo