When we think about the characteristics of God, we just cannot but remain marveled at who He is. Loving and patient, compassionate and merciful, kind and faithful yet He is powerful, terrible and fierce in His ways.

Jesus told us we didn’t choose Him, He chose us. In other words, we did not work out our own salvation He came looking for us because we were lost. We were simply chosen. There are lots of people who were chosen by God in the likes of Jeremiah (Jeremiah 1:10), the Israelites as God’s own people (Exodus 6:6), David (1 Samuel 16:1), Isaiah (Isaiah 6:8-9), Apostle Paul (Acts 9:15-16), the disciples (Matthew 4:18-21) and so may others. These people all brought glory to God one way or the other and before they became God’s mouth piece or witnesses, they knew who He was or God revealed Himself to them differently that changed their lives.

God chooses people for reasons that is best known to Him but Isaiah 43:10 gives us a clue as to why we are chosen by God. Anyone chosen by God has been picked to fulfill a mandate, to respond to a greater call as in the case of Apostle Paul. Though was not a Christian, God had already chosen Him.

Isaiah 43:10 You are My witnesses, says the Lord, and My servant whom I have chosen, that you may know Me, believe Me and remain steadfast to Me, and understand that I am He. Before Me there was no God formed, neither shall there be after Me.

The above verse makes us understand that we have been chosen to know God. Our first and primary reason is to know God after the saving grace of our Lord Jesus, which is our salvation. Look back to when the Israelites were in Egypt, God redeemed them through his miraculous hand so that they will know that He is God using his servant Moses as an instrument. He did those signs to make them understand that there is no other God like Him and there is only one Jehovah so much so that some Egyptians were convinced and decided to follow the Israelites while they were leaving Egypt because of the miraculous signs they saw Moses do.. (Exodus 12:37-38).

In the Old Testament, Moses could talk to the Father, the disciples could talk to Jesus, the Son in the New Testament but now when we want to know God or talk to Him who do we run to? To the Holy Spirit. Most times we want to know God the Father and God the Son son much that we neglect the role of God the Holy Spirit or other times we are too focused on God the Son we forget the Father who sent Him to us. We should understand that we cannot be in touch with God the Father and God the Son without the Holy Spirit. Three distinct persons yet they are one.

The Scripture said we have been chosen to know Him but we cannot know God the Father without knowing God the Holy Spirit (Ephesians 2:18). The Holy Spirit is the one that reveals the character of God the Father and the Son to us. Since we have been chosen to know Him and God the Father is in heaven, God the Son is in heaven we need a friend that is here and now and that’s the Holy Spirit. He is the one we desperately need to know.

The second reason is to believe. The Apostles of the early churches did more and moved more in the power of God because of their believe (Mark 16:17) and because they believed in the person of the Holy Spirit not just only in Jesus. In our fellowship and knowing of the Holy Spirit we begin to know what He likes and dislikes, what grieves Him and what pleases Him then we go a step further in believing in Him for we can only believe in the person we know, in other words, the Apostles must have taken time to know who this helper Jesus was sending to them. The didn’t see the Holy Spirit as a ‘wind’ or a ‘dove’ but as a person Christ had sent to them which made the Holy Spirit mightily involved in their lives.

Once we believe in Him, we begin to move in His power as Jesus stated in Mark 16:17. We begin to believe in the Father who is the one in command and Son who does the command of the Father through the Holy Spirit who brings the performance of the Son into action. Our believes will be in the miraculous signs we show to the world not to glorify ourselves but to glorify Jesus. The Holy Spirit is the one that glorifies Jesus in our lives and the Son in turn glorifies the Father. Through the Holy Spirit we will understand that He alone is God and we would make others come to this knowledge by been His witnesses.

If you want to know about Jesus you must go to the Holy Spirit, Jesus said it and He knew what He was talking about (John 15:26). Before we can be God’s witnesses, we need to know Him.